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I have been winding pickups for about 15 years. I started way back when my twins were born, maybe a little before then, they are now 15 years old. I got tired of trying to find a pickup that sounded like the tone I had in my head, only to be disappointed to hear the pickups and not even be close to what I wanted them to sound like. So off on my journey to find tonal bliss. It took a solid 3 to 5 years to learn all there was to know about tone and how to get it in my windings, It also took pounds and pounds of wire, Lots of notes, trials and errors and getting lucky enough to talk to some of the leading pickup makers out including Bill Lawrence "RIP" what a wonderful man who was so passionate about pickups. We spent at least 2 hours on the phone. Finally I could get the tones I wanted and could shape those tones in various ways. So here I am today still winding and would love to help you in your tonal journey too. Message or text us or fill out the contact form today. I'd love to discuss what you're looking for.


Foothill Guitar And Bass Pickup




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